Super Jayhawk (super_jayhawk) wrote,
Super Jayhawk

Critters Christmas Cards Are In The Mail!

After days of working on it and trying to collect all the photos into something coherent, we have a Critters By The Bay Christmas Card!
Thanks to Orzel, Kyreeth, Hoof, Kiteless Dragon, and all the others that helped with getting some great pictures from the San Jose
Parade and other events that were prominently featured in the card.

Here's a shot of the ensemble at the San Jose Parade 2005, courtesy of Kyreeth and Orzel:

For those of you that have already requested a Critters Christmas Card, it's in the mail as of this afternoon. I will bring a few by Crack Chicken (TM) / Coffee on Thursday night, but since only one person has contacted me sayihng they want a card, I will only bring a few. If anyone else would like a Critters Christmas card, please let me know by sending me the mailing address you want me to send it to do a superjay (at) hawkcave (dot) calm. (Done this way to prevent even more span in my inbox).

Even more impressive is the Ensemble of Critters 2005 that appeared in Critters By the Bay Gigs during the last year. It didn't hit me that there were nearly this many that were involved until I started laying out the card. Congrats to everyone involved, performers, escorts and drivers, that made such an amazing year of fursuit performance and mayhem possible!

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