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For those of us that have had our hearts broken (especially more than once) on Valentine's Day....

I give you... The J. Geils Band...

Love stinks! Yeah yeah!
(Love stinks)
Love stinks! Yeah yeah!

More complete lyrics available at .

After a decade and a half since it all happened I've recovered from the heartache and the pain, but only because I've built up enough armor to never open msyelf up that much and get crushed like that again. Even after all that time, I'm so burned that I'm still crispy. It would end up better to never love again than go through such a gut-wrenching fall.

My old apartment roommate back from my college days would give blood on Valentines' Day, in remembrance of all the relationships and romantic pursuits that didn't work out. She would show up at the blood donor center holding out her arm saying, "Take it! Take it ALL!". Afterwards we used to shoot frozen Stolichnaya on Valentines' Day to commiserate about how Love Stinks, especially on Valentines' Day. (Yes, giving blood and drinking heavily doesn't sound like a good idea, but this was when we were twenty years old). While it was fun to hang with her on such a depressing day as February 14, I never fully appreciated what she was going through until I had the whole thing happen to me.

These days, I just wait till the next few days when all the Valentines' Day candy is on sale, and have a bottle-sized sip of Cabernet. Chocolate and a good red wine can go a long way towards blunting the slings and arrows of outrageous romance.
For those of you that had nothing to celebrate this last evening, I raise my wineglass and offer you a hearty toast in solidarity. And remember, the candy will be on big-time discounts tomorrow.

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