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Whoa, we're spinning way too fast!

What a morning! Just after going to bed at 3:30am last night, I get a bunch of phone calls in the morning from my friend Neil. He's been unemployed since February and has been looking for work, so I invited him to come stay at my place to look for a job back in April. After a position opened up at my workplace last week, we worked on his resume and submitted it for the job last Friday, and here on Monday, they want to talk to him! Holy carp.

I couldn't get them printed copies fast enough, so they had to run to the Kinko's, but appearently the meeting went really well. Here's hoping that it works out... I've known Neil for a decade now, and besides being a fellow Jayhawk, he's a dear friend and we've been through a lot together. I hope he gets something, just so he can get things back together for him and hsi wife. If I crash (which I'm kinda doing right now) it's just me, and if things suck rocks, that's a drag, but it's just me. I can't imagine having to uphold and provide for a family like that.
(Which is why I've chosen the lonely, brooding superhero archetype)

Monday night was kind of a drag, worked on the house and tried to pack more stuff for moving.
I was hoping to get more done, but ran out of energy and am headed for bed.
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