Super Jayhawk (super_jayhawk) wrote,
Super Jayhawk

Visit to see Terraluna on Sunday 1-28-07

Now that I can actually catch my breath after the buildup to the mayhem known as Further Confusion, we plan to go see Terraluna in the hospital on Sunday afternoon, probably meeting up in San Jose at 1:30 and then heading up from there to his hospital in Marin County. Terraluna was really bummed that he missed his first FC in seven years, and was stuck in the hospital eating hospital food and getting zapped by physical therapists. So if you think you had a rough time at FC, Terraluna probably would have loved to have traded places.

If you're interested in going up to see him, drop me an E-mail at superjay (at) hawkcave dot com, and I'll let you know the details. We plan to show him Furry Night Live and I'm sure he'll be hungry for tales of FC 2007.
Tags: terraluna hospital
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