Super Jayhawk (super_jayhawk) wrote,
Super Jayhawk

TerralunaCon, Sunday, Sunday, SUNDAY!!!

So not more than a few days after the epic experience known as Further Confusion, I announced a get-together to go see Terraluna up in Marin County, where he's been convalescing since his motorcycle accident back in October.   He was really bummed that he had to miss his first Further Confusion in eight years, and I missed him terribly during my run at FC, as he has my roommate at FC and compatriot in all the wacky things we try to do at the con.  This FC was especially hard without him, and I'm sure it was a hard January for him sitting alone in a hospital bed the whole time.

So I announced a get-together at our usual Sunday morning Pancake gathering, we had a HUGE party of 21 or so!  Before long we were on the road to the Great White North lands north of the Golden Gate Bridge. (Believe it or not, many Bay Area denizens have never been north of there!).  We brought him an Apple Pancake from the Pancake House, but they wouldn't let us pay for it-- they said it was on the house, for Terraluna.

So a huge caravan of wacky people came to visit Terraluna, and we filled the lobby.  It was really amazing--- it was as if Richard couldn't make the con, so we brought a chunk of the con to him!  We packed out the lobby, and then the dining hall, and probably scared all his elderly hospital-mates as we brought him gifts, videos, and two fursuiters (Godiva Skunk and Chirrnobyl) to mess with him!   You can see his writeup at .  There were so many people there that I can't even begin to name them all, but either way, thank you for coming!  People came in all the way from Richmond, Los Angeles, and even Boulder Creek!

Terraluna is doing better now, and his right arm is pretty much healed-- it's the left arm that was broken in 30 places that they're waiting on-- and the doctors will make that call.  I hope that he can come home to San Jose and we can all have a big get-together to welcome him home, but that's going to have to wait until the medical professionals make that call.

So after getting to see him, we went to Mulberry Street Pizza, at foofers suggestion, and they had great pizza.  Thanks to all who came out to see Terraluna and give him well-wishes, show him video and pictures of the con, bring him presents and fursuits!  I truly believe that we've helped in some way to speed his recovery and get him through the whole ordeal. We may be strange and weird people that run around in funny costumes, but we take care of our friends!

We didn't get back to San Jose till about 11 PM and reconoitered with everyone's cars back at the Pancake House-- so I hope everyone did OK with the late night.  A visit to see Terraluna in the hospital is pretty much a full day, but to help him through the process, it's worth it!


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