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Not Going to Calaveras Faire

After cancellations by pretty much every member of our group (nine so far) that went to Calaveras Celtic Faire in Angel's Camp, CA, it looks like I'm going to have to call it off and cancel the hotel room. We had such a large group last year that I kicked up the hotel room to a Master Suite room (at $200+/night), but since nobody wants to go this year, it doesn't make any sense for me to drop that kind of cash to go there myself. I should have just gotten multiple regular rooms and dropped all but one when I found out that no one was going, but I couldn't get people to tell me yea or nay until it was too late for that.

This breaks my 7-year streak of going to Calaveras and will delay the start of my 20th Renfaire Season, which I'm kinda bummed about.. but after the bitter cold and snow (yes, snow at Faire) that happened last year I can understand why people would want to stay away from it this year, even if the weather forecast says it's going to be nice this time.

Last year we did fursuit walkarounds with Scabrous and Kingsford, as well as Lex, Dizzy, and FJ McCloud, Kyreeth, Ultra-Gor, Tora, and Jeremy, who somehow managed to avoid all our cameras. And of course our entire LOOPED bunch. With two dragons, two foxes, a wolf and even a gryphon running around Faire it was hard to keep up!

I'm going to miss the raucous Saturday night concert with Tempest and Wicked Tinkers on the stage at the same time, that one's always a blast. Ah well, I guess we'll have to wait till Valhalla to get my Faire season going, and try to make this weekend not suck, somehow.
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