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Tears For A Ram

This last weekend, I found out that Jason Ray, who played the North Carolina Tar Heel mascot "Rameses" for the last three years, was killed in an accident in East Rutherford, NJ, before the UNC-Georgetown Game.. My thoughts and prayers go out to Jason Ray's family, and to the UNC basketball family.

The mascots are always the first to give everything they have to entertain the fans, make children and adults smile, and too often they never get any personal recognition for all they do. Too often we don't understand or appreciate what great people we have in this world until they're gone.

I've worked with more than a few mascots, from the collegiate, professional, and freelance, and what stands out with all of them is the heart and passion they all bring to the role to make our dreary world a little brighter, no matter what. While I'd never met Jason Ray, I know that he was part of the same cause.

The UNC website has a good article for Jason Ray.. Tears For A Ram.

Rest in peace, Jason, you will be missed.

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