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Happy Birthday to Me... from the Old Skool

So today's my birthday, and another year more painfully close to the big four-0.
I'm now the same age that Joe Montana was when he retired. Yay.

There was a time I was way ahead of the curve.. I was online long before anyone knew that whole world existed. I was on the 'Net nearly twenty years ago, before there were even any dirty GIFs you could download from Europe. Back when you had to memorize anonymous FTP site names (and sometimes their IP addresses, if your DNS server was crappy). I even had all my hex opcodes memorized, and could still remember all my PEEKs, POKEs and CALLs!

Of course I tell people about those times and they respond, "Wow! You're really 'Old Skool'!"
(either that, or "I wasn't born yet".) Somehow in about a decade and a half I went from being the young, hip computer science grad to the old man brandishing his rolled-up newspaper yelling, "Damn kids! Get off my lawn! Gah..."

So I stopped and realized that...

...I'm so old skool that I still subscribe to a newspaper! (Two, even)

...I'm so old skool that I edit my HTML web pages with vi! (or notepad, if I'm on Windows)

...I'm so old skool that I still have a land line! (even if it's really only for the DSL)

...I'm so old skool that I still buy paper computer manuals (and still have my old VMS ones)!

...I'm so old skool that I can still remember my old DOS commands!
(and usually have a command-line window open on my Windows, Mac, and Linux systems)

...I'm so old skool that I still have floppy disks! (around here somewhere...)

...I'm so old skool that I still read USEnet! (Not that there's been much on there in ages)

...I'm so old skool that I still type "http://" in the navigation bar and manually type in
the web address from memory rather than just letting Google take me there!

...and I'm so old skool that the computers in my house are still connected by WIRED Ethernet!

At least we got to have a really good dinner at Kincaid's on Sunday night with good friends.
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