August 21st, 2002


Happy Birthday to Me...

Wow, I haven't posted on my LiveJournal in ages. I need to write a bunch of backdated entries spelling out the whole saga of the move/catastrophe back in June, spending the entire month of July in recovery,
and all the other things in between. Something to take care of in the next week or two....

The only reason I'm even tossing an entry today is because it's my Birthday, and I wanted to at least get that entry in. On August 21, some number of aeons ago, I was born on the Kansas University campus (no, seriously, at the Med Center) at 12 noon, almost on the dot. If you want a guess as to when it was, the Apollo Moon Landing ("The Eagle Has Landed") was a few weeks before that, and the Beatles were still together.

Growing up my birthday was always kind of a bittersweet moment because it was right before the school year started... so yeah, you got a Birthday Party, but it also meant summer was over. Now that I'm old and birthdays aren't as big of a deal, and since summer isn't much different than the rest of the year since I'm a working stiff now, it's more of a milestone that I don't think about much. Ok, I thought a LOT about when I turned 30, but the whole shock of my twenties being over is something I've dealt with.

At least we won't be going to one of those annoying places where they put 83 balloons on your chair and sing badly. TerraLuna, Neil and Marcia and my brother will be coming with me to a German restaurant in San Jose, and we'll probably eat too much and drink entirely too much beer. At least, I plan to.
Who knows, maybe I'll get carded! (After all, I'm only 0x21 in hexidecimal!)

This of course assumes that I MIGHT get out of work in the near future.. we're waiting for the last few check-ins on the "Final, final, no really, we're not kidding, we're really gonna ship this one!" build.
And since I'm running the build, it looks like it might be later, and later... if I miss my B-Day dinner I'm gonna be pretty annoyed.

I don't want a performing magician at my Birthday, or (God forbid) a clown, or even any silly party hats.
Just gimme the beer. Teske's in San Jose serves the beer in small (0.5l) and medium (1.0l) mugs.
Dunno if they have a large, but it probably comes on wheels with a hose.
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