August 21st, 2003


Happy Birthday To Me...

So today's my birthday, August 21. A bummer that it's on a weekday though, I don't even have time today to grouse about how old I'm getting, or do much in the way of celebrating this evening. Guess that will have to wait for the weekend.

Having a birthday at this time of year was always a bummer growing up, as it was usually the last week of summer before school started. So it was always a bittersweet time when my birthday would roll around, for I would get to have a great time, but you always knew that school was right around the corner. Now that I've been a working stiff for over a decade, I don't have that same dread of school starting now, I have a dread of getting old and watching more hair turn gray in the mirror. Whee.

(Although this is a year-round activity)

While I probably won't get to do much tonight other than visit Crack Chicken (TM), I might get to do something Saturday evening... maybe we'll go out to eat and drink heavily.

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