August 27th, 2003


Pipe Dream Revisited

Many aeons ago (22 years ago as of Sunday) my dad bought a "home computer", which back then was a big deal, few people had them at home. Right with the 7th grade starting, I got to play with an Apple II plus with (get this) 48 THOUSAND bytes of memory. Whooooa! And not one, but two of those newfangled floppy drives! That's right, no casette-based OS for me. I learned to program on this system, and still have it, although it's in my storage locker now.

At the time I suddenly knew what I wanted to do in life.. I was going to go to college, get a Computer Science degree, and work for Apple. Or so I thought.

But life, as they say, is like a box of chocolates, and sometimes the hard caramels and pralines can be real nastyCollapse )
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