September 26th, 2003

New Look

The State of State Media..

Due to my two years at, (which end next Wednesday, I might add) I don't get much in the way of time at home to do things like say, watch TV, chat online, or generally have a life. That's because I'm usually here late at night doing a build and having managers come back in panicky voices saying, "Stop the build! Start the build! Why haven't you started it yet?" . When I do actually have any free time, it's usually spent running around in spandex fighting evil, doing fursuit gigs, or grilling a frightening amount of steak.

Anyway, due to this I don't get a chance to watch much in the way of TV, so I keep up with most world events either in newspaper format or via the web browser. I even have one of those 500-satellite DirecTV dish systems at home, and it's highly annoying that I never get a chance to watch much in the way of anything.

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