June 3rd, 2004


An Epic Memorial Day Weekend

I finally managed to feel better after being severely cheesed about not getting to go to Southern Faire
last weekend.. although it was my first chance in years, it didn't happen, and probably only chance in
quite some time. While it wasn't anybody's fault that the whole deal fell through, it has taught me to not
put so much effort into going to Faire, as I tend to get too emotionally invested in it. Unfortunately it also
looks like Valhalla Faire in Tahoe is also cancelled, this time for good, so it may very well be a long time
before I even get a chance to run around in tights at Faire again. The only ones in the near future are
the ones in miserably hot and nasty places that I won't make the mistake of going to again.

Ah well, I guess I have to keep things in perspective. After all, in Kansas City, we had to wait all
year for the next Faire, and here I have to wait a few months.

So instead of going to Faire, I had an epic, exhausting weekend right here in town, with things like this going on:
(Although this doesn't happen till the Memorial Day Weekend Saga, Part 3)...

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