July 6th, 2005

New Look

A little consideration

Something to remember....

Before you go off on the waitress that forgot your drink order, please consider that she may very well be a hard-working single mom who's struggling to take care of her kids, and that between her two jobs, she might have simply forgotten to bring your coke.

Before you honk and tailgate the little old lady who's driving too slow in front of your car, please consider that she may very well be the only light of someone dear, together years before you were born.

Before you laugh at fresh-off-the-boat immigrants who look clueless and inept to you, please consider how well you'd do in their country if you were in the same situation.

...and before you go invading countries with societies and cultures you don't understand, please consider that they might not think you're their friends when they see your bombs, oppression, rape, and torture.

Before you wave your war pom-poms and cheer for war, please consider the grief of the parents who get their kids shipped back in pine boxes. All 1749 of them. Please consider that every one of these deaths is not a number, it's somebody's son, somebody's dad, somebody's wife or daughter. Someone that didn't have to die, if we had just done things right.

"When Jesus said love your enemies, he probably meant: don't kill them." - From a song by Linda K. Williams
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    Bob Dylan's "Masters of War"