August 22nd, 2005

New Look

Happy Birthday to me...

Today (Sunday) was my birthday... ever since turning 30, birthdays are more of something to dread and try not to think about than celebrate, but this one was pretty awesome. Awesome enough that I almost didn't even think about turning the ripe old age of 36.

But first, the FC picnicCollapse )

Birthday Dinner Festivities at Alexander's Steakhouse...Collapse )

And check out the card that the incomparable Jimmy Chin drew for me on my Birthday! I've always wanted to get a Super Jayhawk drawing done, the last one that I had comissioned was in 1991 (fourteen years ago!), other than a few badge art portraits. This one not only has me in my full Super Jayhawk regalia, but with my grilling implements, including the Spatula of Justice! (TM). Thanks so much yippee! You totally rock!

Also I want to thank Kyreeth for buying my dinner (even though he wouldn't let me pay and was wise to my sneaking in the cash towards the total), Ultra-Gor for baking me an awesome cake with my Super Jayhawk logo on the top draw in frosting for everyone (and the cool present), FJ for the card and the awesome present, my brother for driving me home after several glasses of red wine, and to everyone that joined us in the revelry. I had been pretty bummed after spending most of this month sick and dragging my tail feathers to parties and grilling until I passed out, but this was an awesome night that left me just completely blown away. I haven't had a birthday that amazing in years, and I had such a good time that I totally forgot that I'm pushing forty. (Gah!)
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