June 1st, 2006

New Look

Memorial Day Weekend Thanks

I'd like to give a big thanks to the intrepid team of mikecoyote and redxix for hosting things this last Memorial Day Weekend in Arcata to see the Kinetic Sculpture Races. I had a great time, as well as the rest of the bunch that was there. And even better, because I was up north, I didn't bother going to BayCon. (A waste of time and money since 2001)

It was great to get away from the hustle and bustle of Silicon Valley and get to see a little bit of the rest of the world. It's too easy to get caught up in the microcosm of the Bay Area, and getting away from it for a little bit helps you appreciate it more when you come back. (Arcata has no Fry's! Where do these people go cruising on a Friday night?)

Coming back Monday, there were more cops on the road than I'd seen in one day since that formation of cop cars followed that slow white bronco on TV in Los Angeles. Especially while we were going through Humboldt and Mendocino counties.

BTW if you're ever in Santa Rosa, the pizza at the Russian River Brewing Company is awesome. I would have thought it was standard brew-pub fare, but the pizza was tons better than anything you can get in the Bay Area. Highly recommended.

(And if you go a little further north to Geyserville, Clos du Bois has an awesome tasting tour. The Reserve Merlot was truly awesome, but the Marlstone just blew me away. Gotta see if we can get anyone to go back up there on a visit, they have wines there that you'll never find in a grocery store, or even BevMo.)