January 24th, 2007

New Look

FC 2007 Thanks

Just this afternoon I got back from the epic journey known as Further Confusion 2007. It feels like it's been about a month since I packed up and left home, although it technically has been only five days. I don't really have the words right now to describe what the whole thing was like, I need lots more sleep and a thesaurus for that. Look for additional commentary in the next day or three.

So what I want to say tonight before I crash out is thanks....

Thanks to yippee, kitelessd, sabotlours, carol_kitty, Trendane, Aeto, Luphinus, and everyone involved in the running of the backstage at Furry Night Live on Sunday night;
Thanks to all the performers that brought some of the most incredible acts I've ever seen in fursuit to the show (too many to even try to name here)
Thanks to badwox and the FC A/V crew and all their hard work and perseverance through all the trials and tribulations during the show, and for testing out the Roger Fox DVDs ahead of time to make sure everything worked fine;
Thanks to the Entire FC Stage Ninja Clan... you guys rocked, I've never seen people that dedicated and that fast-moving, you must have all trained up for months before the con;
Thanks to FJ, Crosscheck, Breathless Vixen, Bohor, M_Tiger, Arokh, Lex, Yippee and of course the incomparable brokkentwolf for their performances in the headliner James Bond skit..
Thanks to Lex for all that late-night video editing and tweaking over at her studio for the skit until we got it right, even until 2:30am on a school night...
Thanks to Mr. Dinosaur and his whole crew for helping us pull off the Roger Fox act, but also for doing some amazing walkarounds with The Blob, Godzilla, Kale the Party Shark and the Evil Queen...
Thanks to Chayse Fox, Mousepaws, and everyone else that was able to get us footage of the FNL, we hope to make it available to those interested...
Thanks to Ultra-Gor, Kyreeth and Minnie for helping haul stuff to and from FC, we had so much stuff it made peoples' jaws drop when they came into the room.
Thanks to Trigger Happy Squirrel, akseawolf, and everyone involved with the fursuit lounge for making it the best heads-off zone EVER..
Thanks to all of you that showed up to both the parties, Saturday and Sunday night. I hope you had a truly awesome time....
Thanks to all who helped set up the parties, especially purplecat and bluehyena, as it was a mad scramble to get the suiteroom set up in time,
and a BIG Thanks to those that organize the big convention, and all the staff. They did an amazing job and when we ran into problems, they were taken care of fast.

and if you saw me blowing by at mach 9.3 without any time to talk to you, it wasn't anything personal... Just got way too overloaded and was busy losing my mind.
as soon as I find it again, I'll post more about the con and what happened specifically, but tonight all I can do is say thank you all.