February 7th, 2007

New Look

Catching up, Part 1 : Family Medical Emergency from Oct. 2005 to Christmas

Due to my wacky and hectic life, I haven't had time to write a decent follow-up to what happened with my Dad in October 2005  This is a cross-sectional entry, that covers from then to Christmas 2006.  Between all the insanity that happened between Halloween fursuit gigs, the big FNL skit, Christmas fursuit gigs, and FC, there was absolutely no time to write about any of this. 

So now I'm playing catch-up, and have written a "Cliffs' Notes" summary of what happened.

Warning! LONG! Read only if you want to hear the sordid medical details of what went on with my family.Collapse )

So for those of you that can eat, that can drink and be merry, do all three and enjoy the time you've been given.  For the day may
very well come where you can't eat or drink a thing, and all that's left are needles, IV bags, beeping hospital machinery. and tearful family members.  So enjoy every day as if it were your last, and never pass up the oppportunity to have a good steak or a glass of great wine. 

I'm sure my Dad would give most of his teeth to do that once again, even though he never says so.  And for now, we all hang on.