June 21st, 2007

New Look

Happy Birthday to Nugget and Velvet, 22 years later

  Nugget and Velvet in 1995

Velvet (L) and Nugget (R), 1991

 Nugget and Velvet, Backyard of my house in Lawrence, KS, 1995

Golden Nugget -   June 9, 1985 - June 13, 1998 

 Misty Velvet XVI - June 19, 1985 - August 24, 1996

It's always tough for me around this time of year when June arrives, because I'm always reminded of my puppies,
especially on their birthdays. The only real flaw that dogs have is that they don't live nearly long enough, especially large dogs.

But I think they've come back for another round, to new owners.  I've seen it in my dreams. 
More vividly than anything else I've ever dreamt.

So wherever you are, sleep well, my puppies.  I hope you have all the chew toys and squeak balls you desire
and days of running amok with reckless abandon, whether you came back to this world, or the next. 
You both had more love for everything and everyone than I could even comprehend, and this world and
my life would be a colder place without such love. I would give anything I have just to spend a few minutes
with you again, but I know I can't have that.

The gnawing loneliness and guilt is, more often than not, too much for me to bear.

I will never be the same after losing you, but I hope you both are happy doggies, no matter where this
crazy universe lands you.   And at least to me, you will always be.

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