November 2nd, 2007

New Look

The FOOTBALL Jayhawks are 8-0!

Much as I love and hold dear my alma mater of The University of Kansas, I was told at an early age to not expect much from the football team. My dad would take me to KU football games in the early 70's and I would watch him just get mad as the game progressed and we would leave before the end of the third quarter. I was too young to understand what was going on, but looking at the win/loss records, I can piece it together.

A decade and a half later, during my time as a young Jayhawk student in the late 80's/early 90's, if the Jayhawks won more than 3-5 games in a season, that was doing pretty well. I lived through the infamous Valesente years where I think there were two wins in two years. It was insanely hot, the game would go badly, and my dear Jayhawks would get blown out by margins of twenty to seventy. Worse yet, you couldn't even buy beer in the stands to console yourself! (at least I got to watch the Jayhawk mascot though)

So you just learned to not expect that much success from football, and look forward to basketball season, where the Jayhawks dominated. (and by then we'd learned the art of smuggling in schnapps and vodka in squirt bottles)

So as a die-hard KU fan, I salute the Football Jayhawks that have brought the team to an incomprehensible 8-0 record so far this season. The last time the Jayhawks did this well was 1908, and my Great-Grandfather was 4.
Not bad for a "basketball school"! May all of the young and crazy football Jayhawks in this year's team fly all the way to the Orange Bowl, and take their place among the greats in Jayhawk football history!
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