January 31st, 2008

New Look

Missed the con (or maybe it just felt that way)

Before I get into specifics of how my FC 2008 was, I just wanted to say sorry to all those that I didn't get a chance to hang out with or that I had to run off with only a brief hi. I spent pretty much the entire con hauling stuff, working on Furry Night Live, hauling for and setting up the parties I was madly trying to organize, cleaning up after said parties, and trying to get all the details for our skits and movies put together (and burn lots of DVDs and CDs for FNL, too). I felt like I pretty much hid in the hotel room the whole con, and I didn't even leave the DoubleTree building itself for five days.

I had four things to submit to Furry Night Live, (Under The Same Sky, the animated dragon opening, the Godzilla Project, and Snow White and the Seven Samurai), two new fursuits I never got to do much of a walkaround in, was too exhausted to even enter in the masquerade, didn't have time to go to anything I wasn't directly working on, missed the fursuit parade due to the FNL Rehearsal issues, and missed the Patron Lunch that I paid extra for (also due to the FNL Rehearsal scheduling fiasco).
[Thanks to Minnie for bringing me a take-out box from the lunch]

I crashed really hard on Monday and had to spent a good deal of it lying down in the room after being so tired. I wanted to go to dinner with people, but they had already left, and I had to get help to even pack up all the gear that we had brought. I wasn't better until Tuesday afternoon when I went around the DoubleTree looking for any remnants of the con or people that I could just hang with after six solid days of sheer ass-busting work, but nearly everyone was gone.

So for those of you that I missed or didn't get a chance to say hi to, my apologies that I missed out on the opportunity.

If you want to catch up with me, my AIM UID is superjayhawkks. I hope to catch people later in the year, or at FC 2009, when I plan to have more time. (and won't be trying to work on eight major projects at the same con)
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