April 1st, 2008

New Look

The Kansas Jayhawks are going to the Final Four! (No April Fooling, either!)


Finally, the Jayhawks have made it to the hallowed ground, the top tier of the NCAA Basketball Tournament, the Final Four, for the first time since 2003. Congratulations to Coach Self and the team for showing what they were capable of and getting rid of the early-exit curse that the Jayhawks have suffered from in the last few years!

Now I have to find somewhere to watch the upcoming semifinal championship game on Saturday evening-- wonder if I should show up in Super Jayhawk to a sports bar (hosting KU Alumni), like Croc did for the Gators in last year's tournament?  Wonder if I could get some people interested in that...

It might be better for me to be in costume during this game, because I will have to deal with....

Final Four Musings and Coach RoyCollapse )

And so now, five or fifteen years later, depending on how you look at it, the showdown looms.

It's going to be Bill Self's Jayhawks vs. Roy Williams' Tar Heels, in what promises to be an iconic game for the ages. I love Roy and I appreciate all he did for the Jayhawks in the fifteen years that he was there for us, second only to Phog Allen in terms of wins and duration of stay, but on Saturday he will just be another opposing coach to me and I'll root for the Jayhawks to show Roy just how far that the Jayhawks have come since he left.

I am a Jayhawk, like my father before me. (and Mom too). Much as I respect Carolina and feel about Roy, I will be pulling hard for the Jayhawks to send Roy back home to Chapel Hill empty-handed.