April 3rd, 2008

New Look

And now, for my first commissoned full-page art of Super Jayhawk in 17 years...

That's right, other than a couple of badges and some impromptu drawings given as gifts (thanks to yippee and others), I haven't commissioned a full-page piece of artwork featuring Super Jayhawk since I came across the artist who did the original drawing in 1991. This might seem amazing, especially since I've gone to like 20+ cons now, all with dealer rooms full of artists.

Largely this is because I'm so fricken' busy at cons that I never make it into the dealer room, and even when I do have time to make it in, I don't find the artist that would match what I'm looking for. Which is too bad, because Super Jayhawk is right out of the comic books. (Or Champions!, at least)

At Pawpet MegaPlex 2008, I was determined to actually (a) make it into a dealer room for the first time in 4 years, and (b) get a new full-page drawing of Super Jayhawk in over four times that long. I walked through the dealer room for an hour, looking at everyone's portfolios to see who would be the best fit for bringing Super Jayhawk to life.

And then I found what I was looking for!

So without any further ado, here's the commission done by the amazing artist gen, with Super Jayhawk taking flight in a classic "Superman Returns" pose. She did an awesome job, and pulled off the whole thing in one day at the con! Thanks Gen!

Super Jayhawk Returns!

This one made my whole con! (not to mention the photoshoots!) 17 years is too long to wait!

I'm going to have to go get more drawings done... anyone have recommendations for artists that can pull off the superhero look? (I can see now why some furs get addicted to art)