April 5th, 2008

New Look

OK... We're doing this!

The Jayhawks are playing the big showdown game of their lives tomorrow, against North Carolina, in the Final Four. Everything they've worked up to for the season. No, wait, the last FIVE seasons, comes to a head tomorrow night in San Antonio.

After careful consideration and advice from my friends, I will be cheering them on in full Super Jayhawk regalia at Kelley's Tavern at 3231 Fillmore (at Fillmore and Lombard Streets) in San Francisco. No, I don't like even visiting San Francisco in general, but my Jayhawks need me, and it's time to answer the call, put on the tights and become Super Jayhawk!

And so the decision is made. I'm going to go for all the marbles, unless I have to go with plan B.

New Super Jayhawk 2.0

Ever since I was about four years old and my Dad took me to the Jayhawk games as a pre-kindergartener, I would watch the Jayhawk mascot. I can't tell you anything about what went on in the games then, but I know every frame of video that the mascot was doing. Thirty-four years later, I have worked relentlessly (some would say obsessively) towards getting the most awesome Jayhawk costume I could ever have, and run with a bunch of crazy freelance mascots for a nearly a decade, among other things, to learn their Jedi ways, their magic and their command of the Mascot's Force. And to, of course, help them with what they were trying to do in their mission to entertain and make countless kids happy.

I just hope I'm ready. This has been at least 20 years in the making, if not more. It's kind of scary to be a dog who's been chasing cars for over half his life and suddenly catches one, without having a clue with what to do.

(and if I'm in doubt while running around in costume... I will ask myself "What Would Yippee Do?" and he shall guide me. "Lo, for though I walk through the shadow of NCAA Tournament Sudden Death...")

If you'd like to join us, come by around 2-4 PM at Kelley's or give me a call. I will be suiting up after that. terraluna_bat and ultragor have valiantly volunteered to be my wingmen. (Get it? Wingmen! HAA!) But seriously. We march in to seek nothing less than Final Four Glory.
Win or lose, I will be Super Jayhawk, and my heart bleeds crimson and blue. I wouldn't have it any other way.

So if you do want to join us, the uber-secret parking garage that's the closest parking to the bar is the Lombard Street Garage, at 2055 Lombard Street, San Francisco.

The trick you have to know (click here) is that you have to go to Lombard and Webster, head South on Webster for like 40 feet, and then take a right turn into the one-way Moulton Street, where the uber-secret on-ramp to the Lombard Street Parking Garage is. Even after driving the mighty HawkMobile 4-5 times past the area, I still couldn't find the entrance, I had to park insanely far away and walk to the bar and ask the Kelley's Tavern bartenders where it was.

So I will see you there, if you are with me! And if you can't be there, wish me luck! I'm excited, kinda scared, and highly disoriented from how fast this is all happening, but I have to do it. I wouldn't be able to live with myself if I didn't.