April 10th, 2008

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The Quest for Final Four Glory - Saturday at the Final Four Watch Party

(First part of the story-- I'm way behind and trying to catch up with all the madness)

This last Friday night I had a hard choice to make. I could go to a party with friends and just drink and watch the game, or I could run off to San Francisco to appear as Super Jayhawk in a rough-and-tumble looking Irish Tavern, where I didn't know anyone there, with no changing or heads-off space to speak of, and possibly no parking. Not to mention the fact that I generally avoid going to San Francisco like the plague since it's impossible to get around or through that city, much the less park.

So after carefully weighing my options, I decided to do the insane thing and go for it. In my quest to be Super Jayhawk, and after waiting two years for the new suit, there was no turning back. I sent my regrets to my friends hosting the party down near home and drove up on Friday night to scope things out to figure out parking, where I would change, how to get there, etc. I didn't get there till 9:30pm and it took me about an hour to get everything figured out and talk to the bar people, and I didn't get home till 11:30pm to even start packing up all the things I would need to pull this off. It took me till 4:30am to get packed, showered, and get to bed, and it was painful getting up only four and a half hours later.
I had to make sure everything was loaded-- I brought both the original Super Jayhawk and the new one, all the fursuit gig gear, cold packs, ice chests, fans, chairs, tarps, just like we were doing a fursuit gig.. since it was.

terraluna_bat came over about noon and we met up with ultragor in San Bruno, who had just dropped minnieme4rl off at SFO for her flight. We arrived at San Francisco's Lombard Street Garage, managed to back both vehicles into a somewhat secluded spot to change, had a bite at Mel's, and then went after our quest for Final Four Glory.

The Quest For Final Four Glory, Part 1Collapse )

Much thanks to Ultra-Gor and Terraluna for spotting for me and helping me get through the whole thing, I couldn't have done it without them, especially since we changed in the parking garage and went to a way-crowded bar!

Saturday was awesome, and an epic game against North Carolina, and a great appearance by the Bird in Spandex, but it was only the warmup for what was to come on Monday.....
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