June 26th, 2008

New Look

Geez.... seeya, DSL.

After much wrangling, and finding that the new place I'm moving to isn't within DSL range, I finally (and somewhat reluctantly) decided to go with Comcast.

I haven't traditionally been all that big of a fan of cable internet, considering you're sharing the same pipe as the neighbors and it used to be you couldn't get a static IP-- so I'd been a loyal DSL customer for 9 years now. I got the DSL so long ago it was called "Pac Bell DSL" (at 384k/128k! woo hoo!). That was before PacBell was devoured by SBC, at which point it was called "SBC Yahoo! DSL". I ditched SBC for SpeakEasy about three years ago when their service started sucking hard-- outages every week or so and data speeds of about 120-200k. I was happy with SpeakEasy even though they were pricey, since they offered 6 Mbits/768Kbits and SBC didn't. And you still couldn't have a static IP on a cable modem.

But I guess times have changed. Since I didn't have a choice of DSL in the new place, I decided to try out Comcast's new Enhanced Internet connection, and the installers did the work this morning, setting up the equipment in my server rack. I knew it would be faster, but this was more than I was expecting.

(Ironically enough, this is SpeakEasy's speed test screen, my old DSL provider)

All that for about $89/month. Right now I'm paying $115/month for 6 Mbit/768Kbps DSL at the old place. And now Comcast lets you have static IPs (more than 1 even) if you get a business account, which is what I ordered.

Guess we'll see how they go and what kind of shenanigans they pull, I've heard plenty from comcastmustdie.com and comcraptic.com about their port-blocking, net spoofing, and horrendous customer service. Guess we'll see....