November 13th, 2008

New Look


For the first time in five years, I'm going to Midwest FurFest! I was unable to go last year since I couldn't score a room, even in the overflow hotel, so as soon as reservations opened up for this year's MFF, I reserved a room on the day of. It will be awesome not only to see everyone that I haven't seen in years again, but be at a furry con where I'm not working like mad on producing a big show!

This year, despite all the upheaval in my life, buying a house and changing jobs, the planets managed to line up just right to make it even possible. That, and I managed to find a flight to Chicago for less than $500 this time. Just gotta figure out how to get from Chicago Midway to the con! (I'd drive the HawkMobile there if I could, but that would take days)

I hope to catch up with people, and run around like mad in my new Super Jayhawk suit, which I've worn all of five times so far. ;) Will have to see who I can catch up with when I get there!
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