November 26th, 2008

New Look

Super Jayhawk Returns to Midwest FurFest!

It took me five years to make it back to Midwest FurFest, having last gone in 2003.
So we'll start with...

Flight to Chicago : 346 dollars.
Car Rental : 119 dollars.
Hotel Room Rental : 457 dollars.
Con Registration : 40 dollars.
Championship Banner and banner-holder plastic pipes: 55 dollars.

After waiting 20 years for the Jayhawks to win the National Championship again... Getting to run around in my new Super Jayhawk waving the Kansas Jayhawks 2008 NCAA Champions Banner at Midwest Furfest:


Many thanks to tchall for the picture, and for uckticoonox in helping me get suited up before the parade!

Con report coming soon, as soon as I get some Thanksgiving time off of work.
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    "I'm a Jayhawk", The KU Fight Song