December 3rd, 2008

New Look

Happy Birthday to SK-1

Happy birthday to sk_1, one the greatest furry stage show hosts that ever emceed!
He and Trendane most recently co-hosted Furry Night Live in 2008, and helped make it the best show it's ever been. You can see some of his latest emcee appearance on YouTube, for example...

He's also a great guy and talented fursuiter and puppeteer (and it's hard to do both of those!)
So here's to you, Happy Birthday, SK-1!
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    You Say It's Your Birthday (from Beatles White Album)
New Look

If you think you've got a rough mascot gig....

...You could be Curby Bucket...

The toughest part about this is that people keep putting trash in his head. Read the costume, people!
Recyclables ONLY!

In other mascot news, Critters By the Bay will once again be appearing on NBC11 in the downtown San Jose Holiday Parade this Sunday. I'll be madly planning and coordinating things so no one ends up on an ambulance again! ;) Hopefully we'll see everyone there.

If you're local to the Bay Area, you should be able to catch our trolley on TV at about 9:15am PST on NBC.
(Parade show starts at 8:30am on KNTV-11)