May 4th, 2010

New Look

Furry Night Live hits the road for Califur 2010!

The people that brought you Furry Night Live (2005-2009) are pleased to announce...

Furry Night Live 2010 at Califur!

After five years of shows in Northern California from 2005-2009, the original creators of Furry Night Live are taking the show on the road down south to Califur 2010!


We're excited about the chance to bring our ensemble of skit comedy, music, video and prizes to Califur and to a new audience. We've got a great show planned, and will be looking for players for all the skits we've been developing! If you've always wanted to be in the show, but don't have a skit worked out yet, contact us! And if you have something that you'd like to do, let us know, we love working with performers to make a great show. We plan to make this next Furry Night Live rock the house!

We'll be visiting the Irvine area on May 22 with a rehearsal and audition meeting! A Call for Acts will be coming out shortly, if you need to reach us, mail us at or @furrynightlive on Twitter!

Stay tuned and watch this space for more announcements and details about the upcoming show!