January 10th, 2011

New Look

Furry Night Live Room Party at FC 2011, Saturday Night! (January 15)

Furry Night Live, "The Greatest Show in Fur" has had a busy 2010! After an epic show at Califur 2010 and taking the party on the road with awesome FNL Room Parties at Antheria and Midwest Furfest, we're kicking off 2011 with a visit to our old stomping grounds with a FNL Room Party, Saturday night right after the Masquerade at FC 2011!

Heeeere's Groggy!

We'll to showcase our stage and hallway skits done during our ten years at FC 2000-2009, going all the way back to our early acts in the Masquerade with the Mr. Big and F.N. Huge Projects, and will be talking about our plans for shows this next year!
We hope you'll join us to celebrate and party with us at the Fairmont!

We'll be announcing the room party at the con and on Twitter (@FurryNightLive) and the [info]furrynightlive LJ community, so stay tuned for details!

Also this next year we're thrilled to announce that FNL's original creators will be traveling to Dallas, TX for Texas Furry Fiesta for an awesome show on February 26! That's right, we've joined forces with Furry Fiesta to bring the magic of Furry Night Live and celebrate their awesome theme of "Disco Infurno" and make fun of the 1970's!

Furry Night Live at Texas Furry Fiesta will feature a lineup of some of FNL's most accomplished stars, including DustyKat, SilverWolf, Hugg E. Bear and the incomparable Furball 2K, the world's funniest husky!

And of course, don't miss our Post-Apocalyptic Furry Night Live to end all shows on June 5, 2011 at Califur 2011 where we will have an atomically awesome show that will absolutely blow you away!

If you liked Furry Night Live at FC from 2005-2009, come party with us and see the replay! We're looking for awesome fursuit performers in both shows this next year, as well as stage ninjas, backstage help, and anyone else wanting to join in the magic of FNL! We'll also have posters and flyers to give out for both shows, designed by our amazingly talented FNL Artsits! We've got lots of skits in the works and if you have a suit and want to be in the show, there's lots of roles available!

Come party with the stars!