Super Jayhawk (super_jayhawk) wrote,
Super Jayhawk

Consummation of Barbeque

Man, I didn't think things would happen this fast. Work has been a blur, and I've had to stay later than I was planning, but that's nothing new. The main thing was that Neil signed the offer letter today for a job at my workplace, and I didn't things were going to move that fast. I'm happy for him in spite of the morass that he's walking into with the IT department there, but he's a sharp and resourceful cookie and I've worked with him before. I'm still just reeling that it happened so fast. And now he's employed! I got my chance to help someone in the throes of this economic debacle.

The flip side, of course, is that he was going to help me with moving and now he has to worry about finding a place to rent now that he has a real job offer. I knew this going in, but now I know that he's going to spend a lot less time helping me get out of the crappy housing situation that I'm in. Ah well, I guess I shouldn't be so selfish about this.

I couldn't make it to Crack Chicken (TM) tonight since I had to work on packing up stuff for the move; I didn't even hear until later that Diadexxus was waiting for me after I missed her last week, but I guess we'll catch up next week. Besides, all I was trying to hand off to her was the alcohol that she paid for the trip to Valhalla for, and it's not like that stuff is going to go bad. It'll be ok next week.

My brother brought over barbeque from a place called Sam's on Bascom in San Jose, and man, it was pretty decent! It still wasn't Kansas City style barbeque, but considering that I've searched five years in the Bay Area for decent BBQ and never really found it, they did a pretty good job. The meat was smoked, but it wasn't hickory wood... tasted and smelled more like Adler or Cherrywood for the barbeque, but it still was good. We ate baby back ribs, brisket, and a few other things from the take-out package after working on packing up stuff this evening.

I passed out about 1:30am and crashed out in the bed in my work clothes... disgraceful, I know. Normally I put on my full spandex Super Jayhawk outfit when going to bed so that just in case the world needs saving, I'm ready. But I was tired, sweaty,and had eaten too much barbeque. I guess that makes it all right, especially with the way that my life has been going.

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