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Friday night I crashed your party... Saturday I said I'm sorry...

Friday adventures - work, life, and suddenly barbeque.
(Details at 11)

Ouch. Dragged myself in for an early-morning meeting today after crashing out last night loaded up on barebeque, and I was exhausted this morning. At least I wasn't hungry, that Sam's BBQ really hit the spot. I managed to throw enough decent clothes together to make an appearance at work. I'm almost out of laundry though, this really bites.

It was really hard to keep my stuff together today considering how tired I was-- moving all my crap like this has definitely taken a lot out of me. I had crashed out again on the bed without getting a proper shower and was still in my work clothes, so it took awhile to clean up and get my stuff together. Didn't feel like going in, but went through all the motions to do so anyway.

On my way out the door the next-door neighbor catches me and invites me to her barbeque she's having on Friday night (tonight!), which I didn't expect. Usually when I do barbeque I end up alerting the media, going to 2-3 butcher shops and buying scary amounts of steak, and marinating it for two days, so the entire concept of a BBQ in the same evening is a foreign one.

Work was a hassle today, and I tried not to let it get me too pissed off. Since the last company layoff and the resulting emotional roller-coaster that it put me on, I've tried not to get too emotionally involved with work. Still, the 10% pay cut still sucks, just got the paycheck today and it's enough that it hurts.

I snuck off work WAY early (6:30pm) and picked up some shish kebabs from the local Nob Hill. Normally I'd try to do more of an impressive effort with barbequing something, but since this was last-minute, I figure I can get away with cheating like this. I stop by the house, throw together a halfway decent basting sauce, grab a decent bottle of Zinfandel, and head next door.

I didn't really mean to end up running their grill, it just kinda happened that way. One of the things I do in the years that I've been barbequing is that I can tell when the stuff needs to be turned, taken off, and checked, and I'll get up in the middle of conversations or whatever and go do it. But most people ignore the grill until it's overdone or burnt, and after doing that too many times myself I've had to develop a spider-sense with when to tend to it and start working the grill. And yes, I know, I cheat and use a timer. It isn't all internal spider-sense.

And this without my magic fork to read the temperature! Normally I have this great whiz-bang fork that can tell me if the steak is done, and I can do a test and get it to the right consistency nearly every time. But I had already packed and moved the forks to the condo with all my other grilling implements of destruction, and so I had to fly blind with the grilling!

My neighbors are all aging hippes (and I mean that in the nicest way, they're way cool) and they're fun to talk to. That, and they make me feel young by comparison, as opposed to the computer industry, where I'm starting to feel like an old fart. We had a good night grilling kebabs and drinking wine, and talking about life, philosophy, the world situation and how hosed it is, and I ended up staggering back all the way home (next door) before I crashed out in the bed... again. I was going to work on packing up crap and moving tonight, but this was a lot more fun, even though it put me further behind on the great moving saga.

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