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Washing Machines, Fry's and German Food, oh my!

An action-packed Saturday!

Washer broken more than we can fix, bad!
Sam's Barbeque revisited, good!
Shopping for computer equipment for new server, good! (but expensive!)
German food and beer, good!
Passing out on the couch... bad? good? Not sure.

Argh! I'm out of clean clothes, and hoping the washing machine at the new place is fixable.
I passed out in my work clothes last night and am still wearing them, and I hate it when I wake up and realize that I haven't had a shower the night before. I load up the HawkMobile, taking a load of stuff over to the new place and unloaded it. The painter's trailer is still stuck in the carport, making it hard to bring in much. Man, I hope he's done, between his trailer and all the bathtub wreckage that lives in the driveway of our place it's hard to even take out the trash. But that will come Monday.

After I got stuff unloaded, I tipped up the washing machine on two 2x4s and tried to replace the belts. I had run off Thursday afternoon to the washing machine parts store to get new belts in the hopes that I could fix this thing myself. After replacing the belts, they still seemed loose, and when I tried to run it, no dice. The washing machine can spin cycle and fill with water, but it can't agitate for crap. It just sits there and makes the belts and the motor give out a friction-sound with a burning smell. Great. I should have called the repairman on Wednesday to get someone out, but like a fool, I tried to fix it myself to save a buck. Argh.
I'm freaking out of laundry, and worse yet, don't have any clean spandex around. What if the world needs saving?

I got on the phone and called an appliance place, and the soonest they can come out is Wednesday. Crap.... just what I needed. I have to buy enough clothes to last me that long, or brave mortal kombat with housewives at the laundromat. I enjoy hanging out in laundromats even less than being at the DMV. That's why I spent $500 on my own machine, and will probably spend nearly that much getting it to work again.

My brother and TerraLuna came by at that point, and confirmed what I had found about the washing machine, it's a gearing problem. So we ran off to lunch, back to Sam's BBQ for an on-site visit, as opposed to the take-out we did on Thursday night. It's refreshing to find an honest-to-God BBQ place like that, they did a really pretty good job with the whole thing and we ate until we were stuffed. I dropped like $25 on barbeque just on my own, but I haven't had brisket that I've actually respected out here in California until this place.

We ran off to Central Computer, and then Fry's, to buy parts for the new file server that I'm putting together for the new place. The old machine is an ancient PII-450, and needs desparately to be upgraded to modern standards. It's still amazing to me that we've squeaked by on a house file server that ancient for this long, so it's time to update it. I bought an AMD Athlon XP 2000 with an Asus motherboard, and 2 512 MB sticks of SDRAM. I still find it amazing that you can buy a gig of memory for less than $100 today.. I can remember memory being $340 per megabyte, not 9.7 cents per megabyte. It's also amazing that you can max out the addressing space of a 32-bit processor now with two 1 GB sticks of RAM, at which point you can't really add more memory. I mean, 2 GB of memory is just an unimaginable theoretical edge-of-the-universe amount, right? Of cousre, I can remember them saying that about the 64k barrier.. ("you'll never write a program THAT big!")

No time to put the system together though, because we have to go celebrate Neil getting his new job at my company, for which he starts on Monday. TerraLuna introduced me to a great little German place in downtown San Jose called Teske's Germania that's a great place to get German food and liters of German beer on tap. Their "small" beer is 1/2 liter, and the medium is a liter. Not sure what the large is, but it probably comes on wheels.

I think we each had at least a liter of Spaten Oktoberfest apiece, if not a liter and a half. The mugs they have there are huge glass things that are practically indestructible, and we ended up doing "Mr. Bill" and Darth Vader impressions into the mugs, they were so cavernous that they made a great echo. Amazingly enough, the wait staff actually put up with our shenanigans, but TerraLuna knows them pretty well.

There was a wedding going on in the banquet room, and it was turning into a wild party with a conga line, all dancing to Ricky Martin. It was tempting to crash the party, but after a liter and a half of Spaten Oktoberfest, I wasn't really ambulatory enough to go dancing.

I had the venison with red cabbage, and yes, I admit it, I ate Bambi. But man, he was tasty.
Neil's comment on ordering was, "Venison is mine, sayeth the Neil", which I think is the first biblical reference I've ever heard him say.

I was originally planning to head home after the whole experience at Teske's, but not after that quantity of beer. I ended up heading back with Will to the condominium and crashing out on the futon downstairs, with bizarre visions of Germans choruses singing Beethoven's "Ode to Joy" (9th symphony). Must have been the German food
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