Super Jayhawk (super_jayhawk) wrote,
Super Jayhawk

Going to Megaplex!

20 Years ago, when I was a poor KU student, I watched everyone else in the dorm head out to spring break.
There would be all kinds of trips advertised to Florida, Cancun, South Padre Island, or wherever. I never got to go to Spring Break, instead having to spend an entire week in Chicago, my least-favorite city in the whole country, with my parents. When I managed to move out of the dorm and get a place of my own, I just hung around Lawrence and watched the bustling college town be empty for a week, while everyone else went to Daytona.

But now, twenty years later... it's MY turn!

(Thanks to Ultra-Gor and his mad Paintshop Pro skills for the background!)

This is a first for me on a number of fronts... first time that I've ever gone anywhere during spring break season, much less during the NCAA Tournament (more on that later). And also the first time I've flown to a con since the disastrous 2003 season, where my fursuit box got crushed by the O'Hare Luggage Muncher Machine both going to and coming back from MFF.

So if you're looking for me around Megaplex, I'll be the one in full spandex, or in my blue suit. I'm kinda hard to miss, but some people have managed. And BTW, if you see a guy in bright red and blue with yellow shoes, I'm NOT Jimmy Chin. People keep mistaking me for somebody with much, much more talent.

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