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Finally Took the Plunge...

Well, geez... I finally went and did it, and got a LiveJournal account and page here.
I didn't even know this whole subculture of the 'net even existed until a few weeks ago
when some friends of mine told me about it, and now I've spent way too much time looking
at LiveJournal entries of people I know just to see what's up.. especially since I don't have time to IRC much any more.

LiveJournal really does remind me of the BBS's of old, where you could ramble on in a post and actually have someone respond to it that you knew. I haven't seen that in awhile, these days if you post something on USEnet the only response you're going to get is 8000 pieces of spam, and I've only seen limited response from the Yahoo message boards when I post something.
It is really cool to return to a world where you actually might know the people you're posting for, especially with all the personalities I know.

Having crisscrossed and hung out with the furry community, the RenFaire community, the spandex folk, Linux people, costuming friends, and my own fellow Kansas refugees that took off for California (as well as Jayhawk fans) I keep pretty busy just keeping up with people.
One of these days I'm going to get a free weekend, really.

During the day I may be a mild-mannered systems engineer (well, build engineer for those of you that care) at night, I put on my really tight spandex and become... Super Jayhawk, Bird in Spandex! Fighting for Truth, Justice, and the Kansan Way! (And really tight and shiny spandex too). I'm a rabid KU fan, and have been for the last 28 years or so. My folks went there, met there, I was born on campus, and even got my degree there. I've been accused of having wayyyy too much Jayhawk stuff, from keychains to entire costumes (like the one I wear to conventions).

As Super Jayhawk, I drive the Hawk-Mobile, which is (currently) a Jayhawk-blue 2002 Toyota Highlander that I bought back in Febraury. It's actually the second Hawk-Mobile, the first one was totalled out right before New Year's after I was broadsided at 45 mph, but that's another story....

Right now I'm in the process of moving all my stuff out of the overpriced rental house I currently reside in, and hoping that things fit into the storage locker... the place I'm moving into is a whole lot smaller than my current place. It's a real pain in the tail feathers, but I've lived in this house for over half a decade now and need to start getting rid of all the accumulated crud that's built up around here.

If you've read this far, then I haven't bored you yet. Here goes the save button, let's see if this actually works for my vewwy first LiveJournal entry

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