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Halloween... where the weather takes a sudden turn for the worse....

....yet again. The first Halloween in FIVE years that isn't on a school night, and it's likely going to get rained out.
And five years ago was the great Halloween Washout at the San Mateo County Fairgrounds, the last time I ever organized a gig on Halloween. Halloween has been on a school night ever since. What a raw deal!

I feel bad for the kids that want to go trick-or-treating. When I lived in Kansas, Halloween was usually when the freezing rain and the sleet would hit, the first major winter storm of the year. The weather would quickly get nasty (and stay that way) until about May. Honestly, I was more worried the weather was going to do me in than any Halloween ghosts or goblins. Especially with freezing sleet on my 45-mile commute.

Now that I live in California, it doesn't start raining till November... UNLESS Halloween is on a Friday or Saturday.

Worse yet, it's going to rain the whole friggin' weekend, all the way through Monday. Just when the patio is finally set up!

Someone call the California Department of Weather Control!
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