Super Jayhawk (super_jayhawk) wrote,
Super Jayhawk

Obama Party/Bush Unemployment Party - Saturday November 8 2008

After eight years of right-wing madness and incompetence, we're going to celebrate the end of the woeful Bush years by having a party to celebrate Barack Obama's victory and the repudiation of George W. Bush's tainted legacy.

Barack Obama Logo

That's right, we're having a party, and Yes, We CAN.

We'll also be watching videos like the one below (recorded lots of election coverage on my DVR) and talking about Proposition 8 and where to go from here, and what steps need to happen to continue the fight for equality for all Americans to end the American Apartheid imposed by the religious right. The Presidency may have been won, but the fight for equality goes on, starting right here in California.

I'll be firing up the grill around 5:00pm, text me, E-mail me at superjay (at) hawkcave (dot) calm or reply to this posting if you're interested in joining us. Bring your cultural elite treats to share!
Tags: obama victory dubya-unemployment

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