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A Shoo-In for Funniest Moment of the last eight years

It had to happen sooner or later, somebody finally did what most Americans and the vast majority of the world has wanted to do for at least five years now, someone finally gave W a Boot to the Head.

This is the funniest thing I've seen a President do since his dad King Bush I threw up on the Japanese Prime Minister in 1992. Priceless.

After all the lies, deceit, torture, war, fearmongering, hatred, and finally financial ruin perpetrated by the administration, it took an Iraqi journalist to do something that our timid American media never had the stones to do. Tell Dubya that he's a goddamned liar and that he screwed up Iraq (not to mention our own country) from the get-go.

And give him a boot to the head.

Too bad the guy missed, but Dubya has had years of practice dodging accountability, checks and balances to his abuses of power, regulations and safeguards to the financial markets, or constitutional protections for anyone, so he had no problem dodging a couple of shoes.

This may likely be a preview of what's going to be a long post-presidency for Dubya as he shuffles off to Texas-- and it may be more than just shoes next time, as Herbert Hoover found out when his vehicle would get pelted with eggs and rotten fruit. We'll see if Dubya's Presidential Library gets rejected by every city it tries to go to, like Nixon's. (I wonder if the library will have a copy of The Pet Goat, and whether any shoes will be allowed in the building).

Meanwhile, the whole shoe-gate thing has taken on a life of its own in the 'Net, something that could never have happened when Ford fell down and all we had was SNL to lampoon it.

For one, the whole matrix is getting into the action now:

And of course the whole world of Flash-based web games has responded instantaneously.

Sock and Awe

Bush Boot Camp

And of course the hilarious mash-up video that Sabot posted earlier.

Meanwhile, the journalist that actually had the stones to do this is in all kinds of trouble. I don't know why people are upset at him, he's only following the lyrics from the Frantics' "Boot to the Head" song:

People talking in movie shows,
People smoking in bed!
People voting republican,
Give them a boot to the head!

Boot to the head! yah, yah...
Boot to the head! yah, yah...
Boot to the head! yah, yah...
Boot to the head! yah yah yah.. yah. yah yah yah...

Mechanics who can't fix a car,
Politicians who can't think!
The salesman who won't leave me alone,
The waiter who forgot my drink!

Boot to the head! Yah, yah..
Boot to the head! Yah, yah..
Boot to the head! Yah, yah..

This video is inaccurate though, for Dubya is not the know-it-all brother Ralston.
He's more like Hedge, the alcoholic brother who never worked a day in his life.

Perhaps Dubya can turn things around in his post-Presidential years by turning to physical comedy a la Jim Carrey or Chevy Chase. Or Jim Varney.
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