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A truly shitty weekend (literally)

Some days, it doesn't pay to get out of bed. The entire last weekend was pretty much like that.

I had been ramping up on big things for FC in the next year, starting off with FC '09, when I got some really bad news that basically derails my plans for the entire next year. Was really unhappy about that, especially since I had dropped a fair amount of time and money so far. Also I had just had a get-together the last weekend to talk plans and figure out the tech of what we were trying to do, and ended up getting a cold as a result, and I've been sick ever since, over a week now.

Also the Jayhawks had a really bad game at Michigan State on Saturday, it was painful to watch our young team get their tails handed to them like that. And unlike my dad, no matter how painful the KU Game is, I make myself watch it to the bitter end. That means I'm either a die-hard or a masochist (or maybe both).

So after going to bed all pissed off on Saturday night and trying to figure out what to do from here, I get up and take a shower in the morning on the way to go to our usual Sunday Pancakes get-together, and when I come downstairs, I find that the sewer backed up in the downstairs bathroom and flooded out the entire bathroom, carpet, and, as it turns out, the baseboard and walls with raw sewage, spilling into the garage where boxes of my stuff are. There was apparently a blockage in the main sewer line to the house and everything flushed or trickling down the drain was bubbling up in the shower, the toilet, and the drain in the sink.

I'll spare you the graphic details other than to say it was a lot of crap to deal with. The plumber couldn't come till 5pm, so I ended up going to Pancakes anyway, and bought a wet-dry vac at Home Despot on the way home. It was an entire evening of vacuuming up sewage and hauling it to the sewer outside, and waiting on the plumber to come back since he went away on another service call in the meantime. As it turns out, there's no sewage cleanout for the house, so the plumber had to tear off the toilet off of its moorings and run the snake down the hole. After an hour of running the snake, the blockage got cleared out. Yay. Three hundred bucks for the plumber and two hundred for the shop vac, and that's just to get the shit out of there.

So after getting all that done, I've been madly trying to clean things up, I've already gotten one of those rug shampoopers and brought in an estimator today to look it. I was trying to find out if the carpet was saveable, and the estimator said, "Forget the carpet, it's gone. It's the walls you have to worry about", and then takes out his hydrometer and finds water in the walls up to two feet from the floor. Oh, great.
So now we have to rip out sheet rock, baseboard, trim, and the entire carpet for the whole room.
Somewhere upwards of five to six thousand dollar in damage.

And so now I get to file my first homeowner's policy claim, and deal with insurance agents, adjusters, contractors, move all my crap out of the garage and out of the family room so they can do the work, and somehow get my stuff together for FC '09. Just greeeeat. Oh yeah, and come up with $1000 for the deductible.

What a load of crap this has been!
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