Super Jayhawk (super_jayhawk) wrote,
Super Jayhawk

Reconstruction, finally

A month ago today I had a really not-fun experience when the downstairs part of the house flooded, that on top of getting some really bad news. I had to deal with plumbers, demolition people, insurance agents, painters, construction people, carpet people, and tons of contractors to the house to get things fixed back up.

This whole last month I have had to double-cram the entire contents of the A/V Entertainment center into the living room with all the other stuff that used to be in this room, since the carpet had to be ripped out. The demolition people ripped out the sheet rock to about 2 to 3 feet off the floor, and humidifiers and blowers ran for days. Plastic sheeting was up for weeks, covering the heat intake vents, so we couldn't really run the heat (and man it was cold!). The place reeked of paint during the painting, and all this was before, during and after FC 2009. Just yay.

My thanks to my awesome roommate for his patience with all of this. ;)

So now the reconstruction is finally done, most likely adding up to five digits' worth of repair costs.
But maybe someday I can get the family room back. It's been a pain not to be able to sit on the couch and comfortably watch TV, and having the house in a construction/war zone for the last month has been really eating at me. There's something about having stuff messed up at home that makes one really irritable.

(Before/After Pictures taken somewhere in the same general vicinity):

Now I just have to get the new carpet installed...whenever it gets here!

Those of you that have visited the Hawk-Cave would be surprised to see all the destruction/construction going on since the flooding last month, but hopefully we'll get things back on track and can have people over again, after I get everything moved back where it belongs!

I want to also send out a shout-out and thanks to everyone who's lent me a hand and supported me through all this, it's been a truly sucky month, but hopefully we'll get things back to our regularly scheduled rock n' roll soon.

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