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Why SuperJay has no life

Argh, it's nearly 7 PM and I wanna go home. I've been hacking on the patch installer code for two days now and it's been a pain in the tail feathers. Now QA is finding problems I can't duplicate, after several hours of trying. I just want to go home and change into my superhero identity, I'm tired of playing my mild-mannered programmer secret identity for the last two days.

I want to go home and run amok in my blue spandex costume, until I get arrested or save the world. I just don't want to screw with this friggin patch build any more.....

Most release engineers will tell you that the thing they'd least ever want to work on is a patch release. Usually it involves lots of little incremental deltas that you have to sift through, a few lines of code change that ripple throughout the entire product, and if you do it wrong, it hoses an existing customer. Especially with a really complex EJB app like this one, with directory structures 15 levels deep. My hands hurt from banging out pathnames that wrap twice around the screen.

Ah well, I guess I should be happy that I'm still working until the company runs out of money.... which could be sooner than I think. People are leaving the company, and lots of people laid off in the last round of cutbacks in May still haven't found a job.

I think I'll sneak out when no one's looking... yeah... like I'll say I'm going to go get some dinner, and then speed off into the sunset in the HawkMobile! Maybe I'll wait till they're all in a meeting, and slink away then. Although it would be weird to go home while it's still daylight out...

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