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The Hawk-Cave Returns!

It's been a long and grueling battle in the last eight weeks to get things back to normal, but finally the Hawk-Cave has recovered from the Jan. 9 disaster and the final work was completed today. It's been eight weeks of plumbing work, mitigation, demolition, construction, painting and repair, and replacement of the things that were ruined with the sewage backup and flooding.

The final piece of the puzzle was which carpet to get. I could have gotten the exact same type of carpet that I had there before that came with the house, but where's the fun in that? I had been planning to get this carpet as an 8x10 throw rug for the room someday, but when the opportunity came up to have the whole room carpeted like this, I decided to go for it, even if it involved spending an extra $600 or so.

(And after renting for 12 years where I didn't get to pick the carpet at all, I wasn't going to pass up that opportunity!)

It looks awesome up close, and the carpet installers did a great job, especially folding it down the stairs.
When they first arrived they opened up the roll of carpet to look at it and said, "Whoa! You must be a hardcore fan, dude!"

They have no idea. ;)

I had to figure out the proper Feng Shui for which way the Jayhawks would be facing, which took some real thinking. I wasn't entirely sure, but KU has now won three basketball games since the carpet was installed, so I think I got it right. ;)

So far this year has been pretty crap-filled for me, and this is one of the first positive development for me in 2009 in a year that so far has been a runaway cliff-dive of setbacks, disappointments, and aggravations. Thanks to all my friends that stood by me through all of this (and the other shitstorm) and came by to celebrate the whole thing.

And at least now the Hawk-Cave is (almost) back to normal. Just have to get the last of the furniture, books and accouterments moved back over and get the A/V Setup working again. Hopefully just in time for the Jayhawks' run into the tournament and March Madness!
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