Super Jayhawk (super_jayhawk) wrote,
Super Jayhawk

Awwww yeah....

There's something to be said for working at a big company-- after years of working at startups, for the first time in years I actually have a faster net connection at work than I do at home. I did a double-take yesterday when I pulled down the Ubuntu install CD at work in less than a minute. So I ran, and while I have grayed out the locations for privacy, the numbers are totally unaltered. Man, I gotta be sitting on an OC-3 or something.

Some 19 years ago, when I still a CS major at KU, the campus went from one 56k line to a full T1. I thought we'd all died and gone to heaven. 1.5 MEGABITS! OMG! Telnet, FTP and Gopher were blazingly fast now!
Years before, my dad went to a party the KU Computer Center was having because they had just gotten 300 baud modems. (So MUCH faster than the 110 baud they were using before!)

And yes, kids, a modem was something you had to use back in the olden times to get it online. Look it up on Wikipedia.

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