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Furry Night Live returns to Califur in 2011! Call for Acts and ROOM PARTY AT ANTHERIA OCT 2!

Furry Night Live, "The Greatest Show in Fur", is thrilled to announce our return to Califur 2011,
June 4, 2011 at the Irvine Marriott!

If you liked Furry Night Live at FC from 2005-2009, come down to Califur in Irvine, CA in June 2011 and see FNL's original creators and players put on what they've been working all year on for a truly awesome show!

Furry Night Live 2010 at Califur - An EPIC show!

For those of you that missed our first show as an independent production at Califur 2010, we had a great show with "Rock & Roll Toons" and packed out the audience to a full house in our first year at Califur, including some guests from the KROQ Rock n' Roll event going on at the hotel! Some of our stars even got pictures by Devo!

Heeeere's Groggy!

KROQ photo album:

FNL's Winners!

We had some great skits in Furry Night Live, with the audience voting for the top acts that won the prizes!
Congratulations to the prizewinners and everyone else that helped make our show one for the ages!

      First Prize! - $100 - Bucker Fuskyote - "Fireflies"
      Second Prize! - $50 - Double-0 Fox - Chivalrous Swordfight For the Girl
      Third Prize! - $25 - Lavoris Moose - The Moose Blues
      Honorable Mention! - Zella, "Choo Le Na"

Unfortunately, we couldn't get everyone to look the same direction during the curtain call!

YouTube Clips of Furry Night Live 2010! We plan to add high-res ones soon...

And thanks to our illustrious host, SK-1, for presiding over the festivities! By popular demand, SK-1 plans to return next year for Furry Night Live 2011!

After the show, we celebrated with a Furry Night Live Cast Party for the ages! Lots of pizza, drinks, and watching the playback of FNL's video footage!

And Furry Night Live has joined forces with the Cabaret, as we plan to have both shows help each other out to make Califur an awesome con for furry performance, both on the stage and screen!

A Call for Performers and Acts for Furry Night Live 2011!

We plan to bring back an even bigger and better show this next year to Califur 2011 in June, which has an exciting Post-apocalyptic theme this next con! Our team of creative and talented writers and videographers are already working on stage and video acts to show, and we're always looking for performers interested in being a part of the magic! If you have your own skit in mind but would like our team to help polish it up, our wacky bunch of writers, audio and video editors are ready to help out!

We're looking for people that have a passion for fursuit performance, and want to be part of something great!
   - Want to be in a furry movie? We've got a few in the works!
   - Want to be in a fursuit Rock n' Roll performance? We've got lots of skits planned already!

Our team is interested in helping everyone in the show be their best!
The time to come talk to us is right now!

Even if you don't have a fursuit but would like to help out, we need people to help out with backstage operations or to join our elite NINJA SQUAD!!
Our elite force of costumed stage ninjas is a fearsome force to be reckoned with! And if you Ninja for us, you keep the costume!

Players, helpers and NINJA! in the show will get the next year's Furry Night Live Poster, like the ones we gave out this last year, in appreciation for their work, and an invite to our FNL 2011 Cast Party where we'll be watching the playback of our show! (With even MORE pizza and drinks!)

The HIGHLY coveted Furry Night Live 2010 Poster!"

And of course the audience will be voting for the winning acts, which will receive awards and cash prizes, a Furry Night Live Tradition!

Furry Night Live is a PG-13 show, but if you have anything you'd like to do that's more adult-oriented or seamy, we're helping out with the Cabaret for the skits we could never show in FNL! So come talk to us, we're already working on Yiffy Lube II for the Cabaret and have some great material to show in the Cabaret Fur le Dance at Califur 2011!

Furry Night Live ROOM PARTY AT ANTHERIA 2010!!

We'll be trekking down to Antheria this coming Saturday, October 2, for a Furry Night Live Room Party at the The Best Western Sunrise in Redondo Beach, CA!
If you're interested, please contact us at or @furrynightlive on Twitter!

Come party with the stars and producers of Furry Night Live! We'll be showing sneak previews of the upcoming FNL DVD from our show in June, and talking plans of what we'd like to do this next year! If you have an idea for a skit or would like to help, come see us! We're planning a post-apocalyptic extravaganza for next June that's going to blow you away!

Watch this space for more announcements and details, we'll be hosting Furry Night Live Room Parties at other cons near you!
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