Super Jayhawk (super_jayhawk) wrote,
Super Jayhawk

Dazed and Confused, and I dunno what to do...

Another night coming home tired, without any idea of what to have for dinner, or what to wear. Work was as usual disconnected and bizarre, with build problems that no one could explain.
I would have loved to go to the Sushi get-together that was going on for Yappy and Co. out in Cupertino, but I promised Mr. Dinosaur that I would stop by and lend him my videocam for something he's doing, so I went to Castro Valley instead.

Life in the East Bay... surely make you lose your mind!

The San Mateo bridge was awful as usual, but I didn't expect I-880 to be totally blocked because of a horrendous accident, so I stayed Jackson St. and got caught in even more backup. Finally I saw the convenience store where 12 cop cars were surrounding the place and there were cops running around with guns inside the police tape wrapped all around the place. I kept driving, hoping to get out of there before any sort of standoff situtation erupted. Ah, life in the East Bay, I don't miss it at all from my Union City days.

I hung out with Mr. Dinosaur and Ryoga and we watched our con footage from FC 2003, which was lots of fun to catch up on. I headed home and scarfed a frozen pizza, since I didn't feel like cooking after a long day. I feel like I have a really bad cold coming on, and tomorrow's the job interview. Yay! Maybe I'll sneeze on the interviewer or something. Or maybe I'll just call up and tell them I've run off to join the circus, where I can wear spandex full-time. Yeah, that's it.


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