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The Usual Grindstone

My work is usually a pain, but this last week or two it's been especially bad. The big
RQA build that we were supposed to do last Wednesday kept slipping, and every morning we'd have Yet Another Emergency Meeting to decide which bugs to open up the version control system for, and then have Yet Another Emergency Build (usually after 11 PM or before 8 AM). The night before last, I took off from work at 8:00pm, and they wanted a build that night, and I didn't get the message till 11 PM, at which point I got the whole thing going. This morning we had to do one at 7 AM, so I was up way too early for that one. Thank God for remote VPN clients and broadband, there wasn't any way I'd be able to physically come into the office to do that one.

So this morning ends up being the usual panic, build, stop the build, start the build, stop the build, why isn't the build done yet, and oh wait, we said to stop the build. Finally after a week of this nonsense we do the build, and they declare it good before I can even finish the tests. Hey, whatever. As long as QA is happy, I'm happy. Just stop chasing me around the building with the project plan, I'm sick of starting at it.

I haven't had time to so much as cook or wash my spandex (good thing I have lots of backup outfits) in several days, and it's been a real pain in the tail feathers. This weekend I need to get my life together, and do something fun for a change.
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