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Happy Birthday To Me...

So today's my birthday, August 21. A bummer that it's on a weekday though, I don't even have time today to grouse about how old I'm getting, or do much in the way of celebrating this evening. Guess that will have to wait for the weekend.

Having a birthday at this time of year was always a bummer growing up, as it was usually the last week of summer before school started. So it was always a bittersweet time when my birthday would roll around, for I would get to have a great time, but you always knew that school was right around the corner. Now that I've been a working stiff for over a decade, I don't have that same dread of school starting now, I have a dread of getting old and watching more hair turn gray in the mirror. Whee.

(Although this is a year-round activity)

While I probably won't get to do much tonight other than visit Crack Chicken (TM), I might get to do something Saturday evening... maybe we'll go out to eat and drink heavily.

I was born shortly after the Apollo moon landing, which means I'm getting up there in years. When I was a kid I remember thinking how ancient my parents were, and they were in their twenties back then. When my dad was the same age as I am now, I was 14. I can't imagine even being married, much the less having a 14-year old kid, that's just plain scary.

I remember also seeing people that had been living at a place for, say, 11 years, and I would think that was forever. Of course this was when I was about eight years old, so if it's longer than your lifetime, that seems like an awfully long time.

So here are some milestones, for no particular reason, of things that I've been doing for entirely too long now...

  • I've spent 16 years in California and 16 years in Kansas (just about even) with a little time in in Texas and Illinois (but I escaped).

  • I've been a beer drinker for 25 years now.. (yes, started in the 3rd grade)

  • I've been programming for 22 years now (started on an Apple II+ with a whopping 48k of RAM)

  • Been online (starting back in the early BBS days) for 20 years...

  • I've been driving for 17 years now (4 cars, 253k miles)...

  • I've been a die-hard Jayhawk basketball fan for 15 years now (starting with the season where they won it all in '88)

  • I've gone to Renfaire now for 16 years... (Kansas City, and all over California)

  • (Somewhat related to this, I've also been collecting spandex and silly costumes for 16 years too)</li>
  • I've been working in the Technology biz (what's left of it, anwyay) for 12 years (across 7 jobs).

  • I've been grilling and smoking steak in the backyard for 8 years... (and a frightening amount of steak that must be too)

  • I've been running around in a silly Jayhawk fursuit for 6 years...

  • Been part of the furry fandom for 5 years.

Kind of scary when I think about all the things I've done so far. My life is usually pretty nuts, but it isn't boring.
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