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The Interview Flu

Yesterday morning I went in for the interview that happened so fast. Just last Friday I was contacted by my old boss that I worked with back at Network General, and he's at a new startup in Sunnyvale that's doing optical networking analysis, like they did back in the old Sniffer days at NGC. I had lunch with him on Monday, and he wanted to interview me right away, but I begged off until Thursday so I could get some time to find out more about the company.

I was originally going to just meet with him for a few hours, but decided to just call in sick for the whole day so I could do a full-blown interview. Thus the "Interview Flu" where you make sounds like "coughinterviewcough" and "coughresumecough".

So Thursday morning I went in, with an early-morning interview at 10 AM.. I had to chug some serious cough medicine to keep the cough under control, but the main problem was that I had a splitting headache about halfway through the interview. My old boss was glad to see me though, and I think I did OK talking to the different engineers about their build process. The one that really blew me away was the C Developer that asked for a code sample of my C programming... geez! I haven't done C in a decade, I can barely remember the syntax. I'd be more likely to remember the assembly that I learned as a kid, I could remember lots of things back then.

The interview went generally pretty well, and I was able to answer most of the questions, and my old boss and I went out for lunch to a cafe that was down the street, where I ended up with a severely undercooked burger. Will have to make sure not to eat there if I take this job, it was pretty bad. It was also bloody hot outside, just shy of 100 degrees, and by the time we walked back from lunch I was already starting to get dizzy from the heat. I ended up going back home and taking a nap, as I was dizzy and exhausted, and slept on the couch right under the air conditioner vent, I was entirely too hot. The nice part is that this place is right in the heart of the Valley, right off of 237, 101 & Mathilda right next to Moffett field in Sunnyvale, and would only be a 6-mile commute, as opposed to the 28-mile commute I'm doing right now.

And it looks like I might have a way out of the high-pressure, stressful position at, where I am now. I've spent the last year hoping to get laid off from this place so I don't have to deal with the stress and angst of such a totally wack place, and they keep not doing it. Yes, I know, at least I have a job, but it's worn me down to the point where I don't give a rat's butt any more. I end up staying late, working till the wee hours of the night, and then compensate on the weekends by partying too much and blowing all my money. I really need to find more balance when I get outta here.

While driving back from the interview in the business park, I saw the usual array of "Available for Lease" and other empty buildings that are the sign of our times, but I also saw new companies out there in the park that weren't there before, and some signs that the crash might not be forever. While driving down the elevated ramp on 237, I saw the Middlefield office park with new tenants, next to a field where new shoots of plants were growing in the desolation of the empty field between the buildings. Maybe this Valley won't completely go to hell in a bucket, and maybe we'll all eventually get jobs.
Here's hoping.

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