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Man, what a week moving the Hawk-Cave.... (long)

The last time I had any sort of time this whole week was setting up my initial LiveJournal entry, and from there it's been utterly nuts for the rest of the week. Now that I've paid back my sleep for this morning, I might have a few minutes before things get busy again.

I have to move out of this house that I've been living in for nearly six years now, the rent is too insane and the house is falling apart.. and is infested by multiple problems (moths of doom, spiders, wasps on the back porch), but to top it off, on Monday night, I opened up the garage door, and there were rats everywhere! Like 8 of them... I chased them with a sharp pointy stick and a broom, and they all ran up into the rafters. It turns out they had gotten into the bird and squirrel feed that I had in the garage and were having quite the party, so I had to throw all that stuff out. Also bought a bunch of glue traps and this sonic appliance you plug in the wall that's supposed to keep them away, so I fortunately haven't seen much of them since.

Tuesday was coming home and packing up things in the living room, and trying to go through all the junk that's accumulated in the house for the last half a decade. I know I'm a pretty bad hoarder and tend to let things pile up, and now I'm finding bank statements and junk mail from 1996. Probably just as well that I'm moving, just to get the place clean.

Wednesday night I went to the condo that I'm moving to, and took a load of stuff there, and had dinner. The problem these days is that my washing machine and dryer are at the condo, not where I'm generally staying, so Wednesday was laundry night till the wee hours of the night. I'm going to have to collapse down from two bedrooms (one computer room, one bedroom) to one, so I bought a 7-foot high Ikea corner unit to hold my peripheral stuff like the deskjet, stereo, fursuit head, etc. Normally these each have their own stand, but I have to build up with things that have smaller footprints. Neil came over and helped me build the shelf out with Will, it's not too complicated, but it's 7' high by 3' wide, so it's pretty bulky.
I did laundry till I crashed out at 3:30 or so, in my 'under construction' new bedroom.

The hard part about this move is that the place I'm moving to is so much smaller than the one I'm in right now... it's going to be kind of like Roseanne Barr trying to fit into a size 7. I'm having to toss all kinds of things, and make some painful decisions, and put most of my stuff in storage, but it's still going to be tight. Going to a condominium from a house is not easy, either... I'm going to miss my backyard grilling and watching birds feed at the backyard feeders,
even though that backyard is a maintenance nightmare.

Anyway, on Thursday morning I got up way early (like 9:00am!) and dragged myself to work on not-enough sleep. I stopped by the house to pick up the ice chest, since some of Dia's things
were still in there and I was going to return them to her at Crack Chicken (TM). Had a long day at work but snuck off early at 7:30pm to head down for Crack Chicken (TM)! and no one was there... Well, there were 3 people, but that was about it. Appearently everyone had taken off for the Cinderella-Ratt-Poison concert that was going on at the Shoreline... ah well.
Hauled the ice chest back out of the car, I guess I'll give Diadexxus her stuff later.

I took off early from Crack Chicken (TM) on Thursday evening at 9:30 and met up with Neil,
a job opening just came up at work that he might be able to do, if the company stays afloat
long enough to get it. We worked on rewriting his resume till about 12:30am, and then I crashed out about 1:00am after being exhausted all day.

Friday morning I got up and headed for work, picked up Nanette's edits from last night on Neil's resume, and put him in for the position. Spent a lot of time at work today on the build process and getting the installer walkthroughs with tech pubs, and meeting with some of the new QA management. After work I ran off to Emeryville again (this time on a weeknight) to buy some additional shelves for that corner unit at Ikea. I had been spec-ing out the parts all day on the online catalog, so I knew which things to get (4 additional side shlelves for the conrner unit to act as a nightstand). It's quite the epic journey coming up from the Peninsula to the Ikea in Emeryville, especially with evening Bay Bridge commute traffic. I got there right before they closed, grabbed my stuff and headed to the counter (after buying lots of pretty Ikea lights too)
Trucked all that stuff back to the condo on Friday night and was up till about 4:30am building up the shelf and getting the lights installed. The room now actually isn't dark most of the time! Whee...

Crashed out at 4:30am, and got up about 7 hours later, to have a mishap with the washing machine trying to wash some fleece blankets. Had to fix the machine, and clean up the water that had spilled in the garage (again), what a way to start your morning. Unpacked my tons of boxes of computer books and built up the garage shelf, around 3:00pm I was noticing I hadn't had breakfast yet. Will and I went to Clarke's Charcoal Broiler in Mountain View and had lunch, and brought another load of stuff back to the condominium, this time the fursuit headmasks, the electronic stuff, some more books, and other random crap that I want to move before next weekend when we start REALLY moving stuff wholesale. We unpacked at the condo, and had dinner at Applebee's. I could have done another trip to bring stuff back, but man, I was tired.

The good news is that I have till June 30 to completely move out of this house, but the bad news is that it will take me that long to move and get the house cleaned. But man, June is going to reallly suck... it's been rough already and we're still only halfway through the process.

Now today I get to break down one of the server racks that we're going to rebuild into an entertainment center, and pack and haul more stuff over today. Whee... what a total pain.
I haven't even had a chance (believe it or not) to even see Episode II, or even the new Spiderman movie! Me, a spandex-clad superhero, not even having time to see Spideys' new movie! The last five weekends in a row have been eaten by the this move, except for last weekend's trip to Valhalla... hopefully I'll see Spidey while it's still on the big screen.. anyone want to go?

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